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I am a coach (specialising in fertility and pregnancy), fertile body method practitioner and health researcher.

I am passionate about supporting people in realising their dreams and firmly believe that the emotional impact of any period of transition (be it fertility treatment or otherwise) can be minimised with sufficient support, empowerment and the right mindset. I spent four years in the world of fertility investigations and treatment: I understand the complexities surrounding fertility and have first-hand experience and knowledge of both the system and the practicalities of care. I am lucky enough to be the proud mum to a beautiful daughter, as a result of it.

I also offer general life, personal and business coaching. Find out more.

I am trained in both research methodologies (MSc Demography and Health) and coaching (accredited through the International Coach Federation (ICF)). I have over 10 years’ experience in research, primarily patients' experience of care, disease-specific issues and maternal health. I worked in international development for several years and I’ve had the opportunity to work in Vietnam, Madagascar, Mexico and Italy.