I’m Harriet, a fertility and personal coach.

I started on the fertility treatment route around 5 years ago: 4 years later (IVF, IUI, miscarriage), I was lucky enough to have a little girl. Along the way, I was really struck by a number of things, mainly the lack of psychological and emotional support available and the mass (or sometimes complete lack) of information out there. And that's why I’m here now: I’m passionate about providing something that I feel was missing, when I was going through treatment myself.

The 'something' will mean different things to different people – but, generally speaking, it's about empowering you to get where you want to be, and unpacking how you’re going to get there and deal with the bumps, emotions, consequences and outcomes along the way. It’s not necessarily about achieving pregnancy (although fantastic if it happens) - sadly, no one can promise you this and be wary of anyone who tries to - but it is about exploring all your options and resources - and then potentially discovering a whole range of new ones you’d not even considered. It’s about bringing your life into balance and looking at things from a different perspective. I know fertility treatment can be a little* (*very) all-consuming at times and your confidence can take a nosedive for many reasons - because let's face it, anything really worth fighting for is going to throw you a little off kilter - but you are unique and no one is better placed to make decisions about your life than you.

Who’s it for?

My own particular path has been fertility treatment and if I have information that might benefit you (either from experience or research), I’ll happily share it – but it’s not all about the treatment side of things: ‘family-building’ is a personal and all-encompassing term. Whatever your situation, if you feel this applies to you and that I can help, please get in touch.

I also offer more general coaching: personal, business, health - they’re often all intertwined, and the overall approach is very similar: the only difference is what you are bringing to the table and the fact there is no set formula with coaching (or at least mine!).

So what’s coming up in the blog?

My hope for the blog is that it will be a mix of coaching resources, support and ideas and a more focused, fact-based, information-finding resource about fertility, treatment and other family-building options. And a little light-hearted stuff thrown in too. I'd really love it to be as topical and dynamic as possible so please get involved and contact me if there's something that resonates with you or if there's anything in particular you'd like to start a discussion around or hear about....

I also hope to be doing a series of interviews later in the year (patients, professionals, general humans - giant thank you to everyone who's registered an interest so far) and offering a course, amongst other things. There could also be surveys and polls - but I absolutely promise to disclose any findings here, unless specifically asked not to. (Just to point out too, that although I believe in sharing information where appropriate and breaking down stigma associated with fertility - it’s still often not talked about openly - this in no way applies to private coaching sessions, which are always 100% confidential.)

Do you have a story to share? Get in touch….